EcoPost πŸ¦‰: Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Or at least as much as you can! πŸ˜…

Sometimes, it’s difficult to shop completely zero waste, so I try to get as close as I can!

I bring 2-4 reusable bags with me, as well as an insulated cooler bag for cold items and reusable produce bags. These have eliminated A LOT of plastic bags! From my use, that is, and has often served as a conversation starter with other people in the store.

Other items that other people have used and that I would like to work into my zero waste shopping habit:

    Jars: a variety of sizes and the weight of the jar written on it, so the cashier can subtract that weight from the weight of the product.
    Containers for meat, like ground beef or bison, chicken, and seafood. Some cuts of meat are already wrapped, so I need a separate insulated cooler that I can easily clean if the package leaks. I want to avoid contamination, so I need to keep certain items separate.

I try to get some dry goods like flour, nuts, grains, and spices, in a Bulk Section. The produce bags and jars are ideal for these items. I also look for glass or cardboard containers instead of plastic, because I can easily recycle these items. Not all plastic is recyclable so I avoid that where I can.

Not every shopping trip is eco-perfect, but I try my best and have items with me to remember them easier. Other tactics I use to help include making a meal plan and shopping for meat and produce locally. The meal plan helps me know what fruit or veggie needs to be used up so it doesn’t go bad and is wasted, and shopping locally reduces the travel waste that comes along with transporting food long distances.

I continue to learn and grow in my efforts to reduce plastic and single use trash when I’m out shopping. Even when I’m not just shopping for food, I bring bags with me into the retail stores or say no to a bag and carry out my purchase. It makes an eco-difference in daily life and has the potential to start an eco-conversation to keep the eco-efforts rolling. Less trash is a good thing, no matter where you live! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

What eco-efforts are you using while shopping for food or other retail items? I’d love to hear about it! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‹ 🌎 πŸ›’

Photo credits: Top 2 of produce bags are mine, and the Bottom 2 of jars and the Bulk Section are from Google.

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