Shark Krum: Chomp, Chomp!

We can’t leave Shark Week without mentioning Victor Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch team Seeker & Drumstrang champion!

First appearing in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, JKRowling. This fourth book was centered around a Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts, and in the second challenge, the champions had to figure out how to navigate the lake and it’s mysterious creatures to retrieve something they would surely miss.

Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you’re searching, ponder this:

We’ve taken what you’ll sorely miss,

An hour long you’ll have to look,

And to recover what we took,

But past an hour – the prospect’s black

Too late, it’s gone, it won’t come back.

– Excerpt from Goblet of Fire

Krum attempted, although not entirely successful but it did the job, to transfigure into a shark. 🦈 Within the hour time limit, he was able to locate and free a sleeping Hermione from the mermaids, who were guarding someone each champion would miss. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail and differences between the book and movie versions, or do I?!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nah, you should go enjoy the book or movie or both! 😜

This clip looks pretty crazy, lol. Is Hermione surprised at Krum or taking a deep breath of air? An image she’ll never get out of her head. Thankfully we all know who truly had her heart ❤️ hehehehe😊

And how cute is this LEGO Krum? Lol, 😂 Well, this was fun! 🦈❤️🦈🖤🦈

Shark conservation doesn’t stop just because Shark Week is over, so never stop trying to make our oceans better! For sharks and for us. 😊


Pottermore Website, Harry Potter Wiki, Film Clips from Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

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