The Cute Collector of Clutter: More on the Niffler…

After reviewing the “facts” about Nifflers, I still have yet to determine whether I would actually want one for a pet. They appear useful and good natured, but things could also get quite out of hand.

In addition to the Platypus as inspiration, the onscreen creator, Paul Catling, included elements from moles, like the digging claws and the dark fur.

Quick Mole Facts:

  • About 39 species found on every continent except South America and Antarctica.
  • They have a great sense of smell, to sniff out food like worms 🐛 and they have small eyes with poor vision, likely colorblind, but not completely blind like rumors suggest.
  • Not in the Rodent family unlike Naked Mole Rats and other mole rats which are in fact rodents 🐀

(Hehehe, I choose the photo above because it looks like it’s smiling…right?!? Maybe the mole is where the Niffler gets its mischievous nature from 🤔)

This is the Star-nosed mole, and you can clearly see why! I think this mole is so cool, because I love that nose! So I just had to include this photo and statement: I think these are the coolest moles. There! It’s official! 🙌😁 Lol! 😆

Alright, there’s more to this Niffler-guy. He certainly likes to collect quite a bit of this shiny sparkly stuff, but he is not the only animal to do this.

Bowerbirds (please, after you finish reading, google images of these birds because they are very cool collectors!), the males craft these stage-like areas for the females to gaze upon the beautiful bounty that the males have collected. These guys like to organize them by color, and if say a researcher comes along and adds items or changes things at all, the OCD kicks in and the males take the time to reorganize his collections. It’s all about impressing the females. I’m sure many guys can relate… 😏

There are about 20 species of Bowerbirds and when they are not collecting shiny items, they are eating fruit and insects, flowers and leaves, and drinking nectar.

Out of the 17 species of penguins, 2 are collectors of fine pebbles. These clever penguin males look for the best of the best pebbles to bring to their love 💗

Here, the Gentoo Penguin is bringing his mate more beautiful pebbles for their nest, similar to my sweet husband bringing me items that make our home uniquely our sweet home.

The Adele Penguin will search for the best pebble to present to a potential mate, like an engagement pebble! So sweet! If the female accepts, they will bond and mate for the rest of their lives, aaaawwwweee! 😍🐧

I just had to put this photo in because it’s super sweet…I’m considering getting it. It’s an Etsy product, and I think it looks pretty good, huh? Got a penguin lover in your life? Take a cue from these penguins! 🐧 ❤️ 🐧

More reasons to want the Niffler as a pet? Hm, I don’t know. I could end up with a lot of clutter…or gifts for other people! 💡 Lol! I’m going to wrap up this blog and still weigh the pros and cons of having a Niffler as a pet. So, one more chance to weigh in yourself if you would have a Niffler for a pet. Any thoughts, comments, questions, I would appreciate the input.

Thanks for reading and stop by again for more Nifflers and other cool creatures! 👋

Photos (top to bottom): from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; moles- and; bowerbird-; penguins- penguins news and all about; and the Etsy Penguin Pebble.

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